On Demand Access to Leading Men’s Health Solutions

Men have unique health needs. Base Medical provides simple and discreet access to men’s health solutions. Our team is standing by to coordinate an on-demand doctor consultation quickly, privately, and at your convenience.

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Convenient and Affordable Health Solutions Just for Men

Restore your vitality, sex drive, and vigor with a range of customized solutions. Base Medical provides convenient, affordable and discreet access to leading prescription medications and other products to treat common medical conditions.

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Chronic Pain




Hair Loss


Erectile Dysfunction


Weight Management


Chronic Pain


General Wellness


Heart Disease

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Get Your Men’s Health Solution On Demand

Complete your doctor consult over the phone whenever it’s convenient for you. We’ve made it easy to get access to men’s health solutions quickly and discreetly.

Base Medical is dedicated to helping men of all ages get access to personalized solutions for common health conditions. We know that going to see a doctor about impotence, sexual health issues, or hair loss can cause anxiety, but we’re here to fix that.

Connect to our network of U.S. Board-Certified doctors or licensed nurses from the comfort and privacy of your home or office. Use your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop computer to complete an online consultation with a medical professional at your convenience. When your doctor confirms prescription eligibility, our pharmacy partners can have your medication shipped discreetly to your home or a local pharmacy for pickup.

Get Priority Access to Health Solutions

We’ve made it easy to get access to some of today’s most effective treatments.

Speak with a Nurse

Call us at your convenience to speak with a Licensed Nurse about your health status


Connect with a Board-Certified Doctor

Your nurse will connect you with a U.S. Board-Certified doctor or schedule an appointment for your doctor consultation


Get a Doctor’s Recommendation

A board-certified doctor licensed in your state will review your health information and work with you to solve your health issue


Receive Your Prescription

If your doctor issues a prescription, our pharmacy partners can have it shipped discreetly to your home or a local pharmacy for pickup.

Discreet and Confidential Doctor Consultations for All Your Health Needs

On demand, personalized access to leading men’s health solutions.

Your Trusted Men’s Health Specialists

Base Medical is your foundation for better health

The Base Medical Difference

Keeping up with your healthcare needs at any age can be a challenge. As you embark on your health journey, you need a base camp to gather your resources and prepare for the road ahead. That’s where we come in. Base Medical is your foundation for better health. We understand men’s unique health needs and connect you to doctors in our network remotely.

Our Network of Doctors

Connect with one of the U.S. Board-Certified doctors in our network to receive the high level of care you deserve. All doctors are credentialed and licensed in your state. They’ve been trained to provide quality care on demand over a smartphone, desktop, or mobile device. Get a professional recommendation, a second opinion, medical advice, or a prescription from the privacy and comfort of home.

Our Nurses

Speak with a Licensed Nurse for guidance and support regarding your health concerns. Base Medical nurses connect you to a doctor for your on demand consultation. They are here to learn about your health status and follow up after your doctor consultation when needed.

Get Your Men’s Health Solution On Demand

Let us connect you with a U.S. Board Certified doctor licensed in your state for an on-demand consultation.

100% Private and Secure

We understand your health information is confidential and take extra steps to protect all information you share with us. Our HIPAA-secure platform allows for complete privacy and security.

Discreet & Professional

Get the help you need without even walking into a doctor’s office or clinic. We’ll connect you to doctors in our network remotely so you can complete a virtual doctor visit or e-consult discreetly.

Local Pharmacy Partners

We partner with leading pharmacies across the United States, including Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, and Costco so that you can pick up your prescription when it’s convenient for you.